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The Society of the Arts opened in Wheeling, WV on February 1, 1980 and was founded by Leonard Rycerz, Jr. and Frankie Miller. Frankie Miller coined the phrase Society of the Arts. Martial Arts Survival Club was later added by Leonard Rycerz, Jr. who developed the school from the ground up.

Originally the school started out as a martial arts club. In the early days, the club was not opened to the general public and attendance was by invitation only. This brought together a tough group of individuals who took their training very seriously and brought together many different systems of combat. This piece of the schools history, along with Master Rycerz’s large amount of martial arts knowledge and experience, is what allowed the club to develop the well-rounded system of martial arts that is taught today. By the mid 1980?s, the club had fully opened to the public and integrated itself into the community.

As a long term dedicated student of the Society of the Arts, I have made it my goal to bring the schools tradition of dedication to hard work and progressive reality based training to the Beaver County area.



  • Children (Ages 6-10)     $30 / month
  • Teens (Ages 11-15)         $35 / month
  • Adults (Ages 16 & Up)   $40 / month

2019 Fitness Challenge

The S.O.T.A. Martial Arts Fitness Challenge tests your overall physical fitness with push ups, chin ups, and abdominal crunches in addition to the 5K/10K run. Push ups, chin ups, and abdominal crunches will be scored based on the total number of reps recorded for each event. 5K participants will be given a score based on their final time. 10K participants will be scored based on their 5K average. The scores will be totaled and the winners will be based on the highest score.

This event is held in addition to the

Women’s Center Run to Break the Cycle

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Terry Burnsworth has had a lifelong passion not only for martial arts but also for teaching.

At a young age he was drawn to the sport of amateur wrestling . He continued competitive amateur wrestling until he reached high school and shifted his focus to submission wrestling.

Always fascinated by the martial arts, he spent several years of his childhood reading every piece of martial arts related literature he could get his hands on and watching movies and videos trying to learn everything and anything he could about martial arts while looking for a school that could satisfy his desire to learn.

In 1993, he finally found a school he could call home at The Society of the Arts Martial Arts Survival Club in Wheeling, WV. In an ironic twist the head instructor of the school, Master Leonard Rycerz, Jr., had written many of the articles that he had saved and read many times.

During his high school years he took the opportunity to take classes in sports medicine, physiology of exercise, body management, and anatomy. All of his supplemental knowledge was used to fuse his secondary passion of physical fitness with martial arts training.

After earning his black belt in 1999 and going away to tech school, he trained one on one with his instructor for the next couple of years until returning home where he continued teaching until 2007 and eventually earned his 4th degree black belt in 2010.

During his years of training, he has competed in amateur wrestling, point fighting, forms, dagger fighting, and submission wrestling events. He also trained students for kick boxing, point fighting, forms, dagger fighting, submission wrestling, cage fighting, and tough man competition as well as standing in as an accomplished sparring partner for many of his classmates in all forms of competition.

He has also been very involved in the community and has been involved with everything from demonstrations at local festivities to providing training for charitable organizations.

He now resides in Center Twp., Pennsylvania with his wife, Veronica and two children, Valorie and T.J.




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